With historic cities such as Amsterdam, Alkmaar, Haarlem, Hoorn and Enkhuizen nearby there is always something to do.

Visit Alkmaar for the first time and you will never forget it, because you will keep returning to this beautiful city that is only 12 km from Bergen aan Zee. Wandering along the Monuments, canals, shops, museums and terraces you will be surprised at the beauty of the center. But don't forget the world famous cheese market.

Who doesn't know Amsterdam now. Be surprised again by the beautiful canals, lively markets and an abundance of different cultures and all this at 50 km from Bergen aan Zee.

Haarlem has a cozy historic center, famous museums, shops, restaurants but also hidden courtyards from days gone by, including the newest shops and trendy terraces.

The cities of Hoorn and Enkhuizen are on the water and were very prosperous during the Golden Age. They were in the perfect location for the trade routes of the Dutch East India Company and flourished during the 17th century. Today, the richness and influence of Hoorn and Enkhuizen live on in monumental buildings, grand architecture and museums full of historical treasures.